Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Modern Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Wedding is a very special ceremony for brides and grooms. In fact, it is so special for brides and grooms that they try to do every little thing possible in a very special way to make the occasion a gala event and a unique one. Many in order to add some personal touch to the celebration also make sure to order the baker for a unique wedding cake topper along with the cake. Although many of you might consider this concept of adding the piece of small model on top of the cake a backdated affair, if done elegantly, they can add a lot more meaning and be real fun. In fact, what is it that is going to make the wedding cake look different and unique if it doesn’t have that wedding topper?

There is only the bride and groom dressed up in wedding attire in traditional wedding toppers but the modern day toppers are not the same. The modern day couples look for something more eclectic that is going to stand out from the crowd. They look for ones that can grab the attention of their guests. From humorous and fun cake toppers to elegant monograms, there are many kinds of cake accessories that are available nowadays. You can add any of them in style and put an eclectic flair and personal touch to your D-day.

Modern day couples usually look for cake toppers that reflect them as couple. Any characteristic feature or activity that they both have common or like doing are usually portrayed through the model. You can find many wedding cakes in Brisbane having toppers such as both bride and groom riding horses or both of them slaloming down the wedding cake on the miniature skis. There are even toppers where the bride is trying to clamber up onto the topmost tier being helped by groom who is on top already. One of the most common wedding cake toppers of modern times is groom sitting down on a knee at base of cake while bride looking down from top. If both of you love to joke around and want to lighten up the seriousness of wedding, go for wedding cake toppers which give a sense of comedy.

However, it is not always that the modern day brides and grooms look for cake toppers that feature only them. Flowers also make a wonderful topper. They can either be the fresh flowers for matching those in the bouquet or the iced ones falling down from cake’s side. Silk flowers can also be used as a topper.

Having antique jewellery, particularly the brooches as a cake topper is presently in vogue. Vintage cake topper which your grandparents or parents had on their cake is also a popular way of sticking with the tradition and honoring the family.

However, if you don’t think that the cake you ordered requires a topper for decor, there is no need for you to add one.


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