Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Growing Trend of Seasonal Wedding Cakes

Nowadays, many brides in Brisbane are inclined to use seasons as the theme of their weddings. And because of this, they often tend to order seasonal wedding cakes in Brisbane for their weddings. By doing this, they achieve the desired theme. After all, several different types of seasonal wedding cakes are available in a myriad of colours, flavours and schemes. Whether its in summer, autumn, winter or spring, cakes for all seasons can be found.   

Cakes for Summer
Celebrating a summer wedding with bright shades only seems right, and bright blues and pinks embellished upon ivory or white cakes is more than perfect for it. Roses, hydrangeas and peonies are really common blossoms used in the bouquet of the bride and also as centerpieces. These can be made out of sugar and used for decoration. Painting vibrant floral designs can be lovely way of frosting. Flavours, however, are generally kept summery and light.

Cakes for Autumn
Chocolate is the most popular and ideal flavour for an autumn wedding cake. Some brilliant ways for decorating and frosting are splashing touches of bronze and gold, embellishing with leaves made out of sugar and dusted with reds and oranges, adding a small amount of sugar and marzipan or miniature fresh pears and apples. Soft icing with cinnamon and apple or coffee flavoured sponge can also be a delightful alternative.

Cakes for Winter

White is generally the dominant colour, with decorations resembling glistening snowflakes, crystals and flowers that are popular designs with a winter theme. Metallic shades achieved by dusting lustre or embellishing with a spray can add a festive look, especially if the wedding is taking place on Christmas. Although the traditional choice with fruits may be more in compliance with the festive spirit, a different flavour can also be opted for to cater to those preferring something light.

Cakes in Spring
Spring is a sign of freshness, so the ideal colours for cakes should be of mild pastel tones and must depict cleanliness. Lily of the Valley, daisies, paper whites and blossoms can be made using fondant and scattered all over the tiers of a cake for a gorgeous look. Simple and fresh flavours such as vanilla or lemon can also be chosen to augment the overall freshness.


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