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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Double Chocolate Cupcakes – The Recipe That Will Surely Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Cupcakes have become very popular nowadays in Brisbane People here are loving to have them. These desserts have in fact become the talk of the town and are used in almost all kinds of occasions whether its someone's birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, farewell or any other. They are small delights that have gained the most popularity as desserts in the recent times. 

Here is a recipe of a cupcake – the double chocolate cupcake, which is surely going to satisfy your sweet tooth. So if it's your near or dear one's birthday or anniversary, you can try out making this item and give him or her a surprise. 

The ingredients that you will need for making this cupcake are as follows: 

1 cup of all-purpose flour
1/3 cup of unsweetened cocoa
1 tsp of baking soda 
1/8 tsp of salt
2/3 cup of granulated sugar
¼ cup of butter softened 
½ cup of egg substitute 
1 tsp of vanilla 
½ cup of low-fat buttermilk 
1 ¼ of dark chocolate finely chopped 
2 tbsp of powdered sugar 

So, very simple ingredients are needed to make the cake. Below is the preparation. Check it out: 

First preheat the oven to a temperature of about 350°. Then lightly spoon flour into a measuring cup but make sure the cup is dry. Add cocoa, salt and baking soda with the flour and mix it thoroughly with a whisk. Take a big bowl & place granulated sugar that you have along with the butter in that bowl. Beat it with a mixer until it is mixed well. Then add the egg substitute & the vanilla.  Also add the flour mixture that you have kept aside & the buttermilk alternately to granulated sugar mixture. Fold in the chocolate. 

Now you need to spoon the batter into twelve muffin cups that are lined with the muffin cup liners and bake at about 350° for eighteen minutes or until the wooden pick when inserted in the centre comes out in a clean way. After you think that the cupcakes are done, remove them from the pan and keep them aside for cooling. After the cakes get cooled completely, sprinkle powdered sugar on them but make sure this sprinkling is done just before you serve. 

Deborah Feltham specialises in making different kinds of cakes like wedding cakes, birthday cakes, novelty cakes, corporate cakes, baby shower cakes and cupcakes in Brisbane. She is a member of Cake Decorators Association. Here she has given the double chocolate cupcake recipe. Try this out! However, if you want her to make this cake for you then order online.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Growing Trend of Seasonal Wedding Cakes

Nowadays, many brides in Brisbane are inclined to use seasons as the theme of their weddings. And because of this, they often tend to order seasonal wedding cakes in Brisbane for their weddings. By doing this, they achieve the desired theme. After all, several different types of seasonal wedding cakes are available in a myriad of colours, flavours and schemes. Whether its in summer, autumn, winter or spring, cakes for all seasons can be found.   

Cakes for Summer
Celebrating a summer wedding with bright shades only seems right, and bright blues and pinks embellished upon ivory or white cakes is more than perfect for it. Roses, hydrangeas and peonies are really common blossoms used in the bouquet of the bride and also as centerpieces. These can be made out of sugar and used for decoration. Painting vibrant floral designs can be lovely way of frosting. Flavours, however, are generally kept summery and light.

Cakes for Autumn
Chocolate is the most popular and ideal flavour for an autumn wedding cake. Some brilliant ways for decorating and frosting are splashing touches of bronze and gold, embellishing with leaves made out of sugar and dusted with reds and oranges, adding a small amount of sugar and marzipan or miniature fresh pears and apples. Soft icing with cinnamon and apple or coffee flavoured sponge can also be a delightful alternative.

Cakes for Winter

White is generally the dominant colour, with decorations resembling glistening snowflakes, crystals and flowers that are popular designs with a winter theme. Metallic shades achieved by dusting lustre or embellishing with a spray can add a festive look, especially if the wedding is taking place on Christmas. Although the traditional choice with fruits may be more in compliance with the festive spirit, a different flavour can also be opted for to cater to those preferring something light.

Cakes in Spring
Spring is a sign of freshness, so the ideal colours for cakes should be of mild pastel tones and must depict cleanliness. Lily of the Valley, daisies, paper whites and blossoms can be made using fondant and scattered all over the tiers of a cake for a gorgeous look. Simple and fresh flavours such as vanilla or lemon can also be chosen to augment the overall freshness.

Monday, 9 February 2015

9 Cupcakes Decorating Techniques

The look of your cupcakes can be changed. But for that, you need to decorate it very cleverly. However, decorating these small pieces of dessert items has never been that easy. Here are some cupcakes decorating techniques that may help you make these dessert items look more wonderful. 

A piping of flower

The top of a cupcake is perfect for planting a flower. Think of a circular surface as flower nail on which you may pipe the petals. Try out the petal shapes that you like the most for creating your own fantasy flower.

This creates the most accomplished and celebrated decorations. Serrated edges of grass tip make the ridges in icing as it’s squeezed.

It has a tight, swirling look of rose. However, it is achieved in a continuous rotation rather than with a wrapped layer of petal. A single rosette is even used as a candleholder on top of the cupcake.


This is a very cute cupcake decoration, which sits up and grabs the Valentine’s heart. With Valentine’s Day coming near, you can order for this kind of cupcakes in Brisbane from Deborah Feltham. “These luv-bugs are easy to make with ball head, and rosette body, trimmed with licorice as well as icing decorations”, says Deborah Feltham of Creative Cakes, the bakery shop in Brisbane.
Drop flowers

This is a great way of adding flowers quickly. All you need to do is pipe down the drop flowers directly in the buttercream flavor on the cake. But flowers may be sharper when piped in the royal.

It is a very popular icing technique. It is the basis for different borders. Cake decorators usually lift the tip a bit while piping for avoiding that bumpy look.

Script writing

If you want, you can personalize the celebration cake by wring down a message on it. This will have a great impact on the person for whom the cupcake is made for. There is a special technique of adding messages on a cupcake, which only the cake decorators know.

Buttercream rope

It is a technique for finishing the piped baskets with a textured edging. The decoration is perfect for nautical or western themed cakes. 


You can place different kinds of leaves on the top of the cupcake to give it a more realistic garden look and feel. You can ask your cake designer to add piping gel to your icing in order to help keep the leaves from breakage. This kind of cupcake designs are great for world environment day and all occasions for going green. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Popular Flavors of Cupcake

It is a good time to be a fan of cupcake. In the recent years, these tasty, versatile treats have become quite inexpensive and easy to make. They are randomly been given away at the children’s parties to the trendy desserts all over in Australia. Today, cupcakes in Brisbane are a great deal. While a lot of eateries and restaurants have already shut their doors, a lot of businesses specializing in making cupcakes are booming.
Here we are discussed about some popular flavors of cupcakes and explained the reasons behind their demand.
Vanilla and chocolate
Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are simply timeless. They combine the two most fundamental sweet tastes into unbeatable concoction, which is in style. You will find vanilla and chocolate cupcakes everywhere from school cafeterias to the trendiest cake shops. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes consists only two flavors but they have countless variations. A light vanilla cake with dark chocolate frosting offers a completely different taste from milk chocolate cake that’s slathered with vanilla icing. You can never go wrong with these two flavors.


There is definitely something nostalgic and comforting about banana cupcakes. They taste very similar to banana breads. These desserts are quite popular and go well with different kinds of icings and toppings. Anyone who has taken a banana split knows how these mushy yellow fruits are. Banana frosting is always a great choice. 


If you think that when biting a lemon cupcake, you will sink your teeth into actual lemon, you are wrong. Although there is going to be a slight tartness with the cake, the overriding sensation is sweet and this is what makes the flavor so popular. People who are fond of a bit sour with sweet are very much fond of this variety.  The lemon cakes have gained a huge popularity in the recent years. 

Carrot cake

Carrot is one of the main ingredients in making European sweet cakes since middle ages. The reason why carrots are so popular is: they have more sugar content in comparison to other vegetables. These cakes are sweet orange and white ones that have cream cheese-based frosting. They are found in most of the bakeries in Brisbane nowadays.