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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Best Cupcake Combinations Made In the Heaven

There is no hard and fast rule for decorating cupcakes. You can do it as much as you can do but just remember that it needs to satisfy your taste buds. In Australia every day numerous R&D have been going on in decorating cupcakes in Brisbane. Unique flavor combinations are emerging every day. Bakers are spending extra times in inventing new toppings for their customers. In spite of new flavors and their popularity there has been no lack of craze for traditional cupcake combinations that are all time favorite beyond generation boundary.

 Here are the best traditional cupcake combinations appraised all over the world.

Lemon cupcake with raspberry cream frosting:

Sweet and tart combinations are the best on palate. Lemon sponge cupcakes topped with red raspberry icing along with fresh raspberry slices makes the heavenly combination. It can be accompanied with raspberry lemonade.

Apple cupcake along with caramel butter frosting:

Apples with cakes bring one of the irresistible combinations of flavor. I would advise you to get some apple slices and mix them with cupcake mixture instead of using apple essence. Pour soft caramel butter icing on the top and dust with cinnamon powder.

Mocha cupcake with espresso butter cream:

Cupcake base made up of chocolate can go with almost every topping. If you are looking to improvise it, add good quality Jamaican coffee powder with a perfect blend of chocolate into cupcake dough. After baking them pipe freshly made butter cream with dust of freshly ground coffee on top of it.

Dark chocolate cupcake with mint frosting:

From the appearance this cupcake combination will excite your craving for it. Dark black chocolate base with green minty frosting will refresh your mouth and provoke you to ask for more.

Pineapple cupcake with brown sugar butter cream:

Again the combination of tart and sweet will cleanse your plate and ask you to go for more. Tantalize pineapple base with small cubes of the fruit garnished and light amber color brown sugar syrup and butter cream.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Must-Haves for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Birthdays come once a year and when it is for your kids, you need to make sure it becomes a memorable event for your child and other kids invited in the party. However, here are some of the birthday must haves that you should never forget when arranging a party for your kid.

Decorations with balloons, streamers and other things

It is very important to decorate the room of your home with balloons and streamers. Hang helium filled foiled balloons featuring the favorite character of the birthday star near the doorways, gift table, on the corners of the walls or on the ceiling. You can also use the windows for the dangling decorations and balloons. Don’t forget to hang streamers-they are an important part of birthday and can transform the look of a room to a unique one.

Custom invitations
If you want to make the birthday party more unique, you can opt for colorful invitation cards matching the theme of the party. Give it a personalized touch making the guests feel extra special. Write a message in your own words in the card for customized invitation and definitely include a thank you note in the end. 

Unique birthday cake
Order a cake keeping the theme of the birthday party in your mind.  If there is no theme that you have arranged for, you can at least opt for a unique birthday cake that matches with your kid’s hobby, preference, favorite cartoon character or anything else. Cupcakes are the recent trend these days If you want, you can also order one of this kind as well. 

A candy buffet
No matter what the age is, everyone has a sweet tooth. The hottest party trend these days is serving candy buffet. You can fill the bowl or clear the containers from candy buffet kit with the themed treats and budget friendly candies such as gumballs. 

Fun wearable accessories and costumes
If all the kids get an opportunity to dress up like one of the characters that matches the birthday theme, they feel more than happy and very excited. It becomes a party that is to be remembered for long.