Monday, 9 January 2017

How Will I Plan My Son's First Birthday Party?

Whether you're planning a private gathering with friends and family or a big party event, your son's first birthday celebration is definitely a special one for you. Organising the first birthday party for your son is really an exciting task. However, in order to have a successful bash, it is equally important to plan the event with care. One single mistake can ruin the entire preparation. Stated below are some top party planning tips that must be considered to experience a joyful event. Have a look – 

1. Whom to invite?

Your one year old baby may feel uncomfortable in front of strangers or new places. He won't be able to understand how to play with other kids present at the party. These factors usually urge parents to go for a low-budget small family party. However, whatever number of people you invite at the party, always keep in mind that your sweetheart will only want your attention. 

2. How much amount to spend? 

According to a statistical survey it has been stated that more than 5,000 parents prefer to spend less than $50 to more than $500 in organising the first birthday party for their child. Hence, the total amount you spend depends on the type of party that you are going to organise. Food is the main thing that drives up the expenditure, followed by cake and decorations.

3. Where to arrange the party?

When celebrating the one year birthday of your baby boy, it is usually recommended to arrange the gathering at home. He will feel more comfortable and relaxed if he can stay at home. However, if your house is too small for arranging the party, then opt for any good local community center or a restaurant as the venue. 

4. What type of cake must be included?

Nowadays there are several types of cakes that can be used for celebrating the special day of a one year old boy. Many cake makers in Brisbane offer creative and innovative birthday cakes according to gender. Hence you can easily choose a unique boy's birthday cake for your little baby from the vast range. You can also choose the cake according to the theme of the party, if there is one.

5. What about the food?

It is always recommended to keep the food items simple. Include fruits, sandwiches with cheese spread, yogurt, cubes of mild cheese and pasta spirals in the menu. Also, go for some crackers.

So get ready to have a blast in the celebrations for your son's first birthday party by following all the aforementioned tips.

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