Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Recipe of Dogwood Blossom Cake: One of the Most Preferred Wedding Cakes in Brisbane

A dogwood blossom cake is a white cake with blackberry filling. It is one of the most preferred wedding cakes in Brisbane. Brides and grooms are very much fond of this cake. It is a cake that would melt in your mouth. From the white satin frosting to the dogwood blossoms fondant, the cake is a graceful centerpiece for all who are planning for springtime receptions. So, if you are planning to get married this season, this one if for you.
You can either buy it from your nearby baker or order the cake online from Deborah Feltham if you live in Brisbane. There is also another way out. You can make it all by your own. Preparing it is not that much hectic as you think. Here is the recipe for you. Try making it out!
The things that you will need for making it include three tiered dogwood blossom cake, three white satin frosting, blackberry filling and dogwood blossoms fondant.
First you will need to make and bake the one tiered blossom cake recipe. Use the same method for doing the second fourteen inch layer and make and bake the remaining recipe by using directions given for ten inch and six inch cake layers. Then cut the domed top from each of the layers by using a knife. Make the blackberry filling. Prepare the first white satin frosting recipe and repeat the method twice. Cover up the fourteen inch, ten inch and six inch cardboard cake circle by using an aluminum foil.

Spread frosting on one side of the fourteen inch circle. Top it with fourteen inch cake layer and spread three cups of blackberry filling over the cake layer. Make sure to leave an inch border. Top it up with remaining fourteen inch cake layer. Then cut four wooden sticks to a height of fourteen-inch tier and insert it vertically into the cake tier. Spread the sides and top of the cake using frosting and smoothing with wet metal spatula. Chill it up to two days.
Put together and frost two (ten inch) layers on the cardboard circle using 2 ½ cups of blackberry filling. Also put together and frost (six inch) layers cardboard circle using 1 ½ cups of blackberry filling. Chill it up to two days. Then position the ten inch tier in the center of the fourteen inch tier. Also position the six inch tier in the center of the ten inch tier and place the cake on the stand.
Fit a huge decorating bag using tip #32. Fill the bag with the frosting. Pipe the shell border on the bottom edge and top of every tier. Also pipe icing on top of the cake to keep the fondant dogwood blossoms secured. Attach the blossoms that are still remaining to the cake with a bit of frosting.

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