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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Personalize Your Wedding Cake with Unique Cake Toppers

A wedding cake toper is basically a little model, which sits on top of the D-day cake. It usually represents the couple in formal wedding attire and is only the part of a cake that can be kept for a long time as memory apart from the photographs. It became popular in 1950s in the US. At that time it represented togetherness. Today, these figurines have become a part of decorative theme for a couple’s wedding style.

Different styles of toppers are available to match the theme and style of wedding these days. For instance, traditional toppers for formal wedding and comical wedding cake toppers for less formal ones are available. Toppers depending on the hobbies of couples can also be obtained. So, this is no more the age where you can only find the bride and groom in formal attire with bride in veil and a white and long gown.

Nowadays, wedding cake toppers have returned as one of the best ways to cap off a signature piece of a wedding reception. They have come a long way from days of plastic groom and bride. Some of them are ornate and some elegant. Some are even caricatures and some whimsical. There are also some, which play a great tune. However, they are optional but can be an awesome expression of a bridal style. It is after all a trendy method for putting personalized touch on the cake. In recent times, these toppers have become a sign of growing diversity in the marriages. Wedding toppers, which are multi-ethnic, are also available.

The figurine places on top of the cake must reflect your personality and set off the way in which rest of the cake is decorated. You have endless options to choose from, right from fondant monograms or gum-paste to decorations which mirror another element of wedding.

Look around and you may find many toppers, which can delight you. You can also consult with Deborah Feltham, who makes and supplies wedding cakes in Brisbane to know about the topper that will suit your wedding style or theme the best.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Happening Cake Ideas for Boys

Cakes are the options for many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and many more. Kids living in Brisbane love cakes more than anyone do in this world. People of all age groups too love to have cakes of special kinds on their birthday. Here you can find some unique concepts of cakes that can be used for a boy's birthday cake in Brisbane.

Pinata cake:

This cake looks very normal from outside. This is a sponge cake made hollow in the center. Various chocolate goodie and candies are filled inside. Exterior of the cake is layered with icing. When cut, the goodies will come out.

Ham burger cake:

Which boy does not like a juicy ham burger? This option is apt for boys. It is a 3 layer of cake, chocolate sponge from inside. You can put green, yellow and red filing icing to give the finish.

Pizza cake:

It can be nice concept of making a good birth cake. A lot of kids and boys are in favor of this Italian food. Base is made of sponge cake with red color icing, cheese to bring the perfect good look.

Lion cake:

Boys like this animal. It is a symbol of prowess. Bringing a cake on this concept will be highly appreciated by boys. Mane of the lion can be done by simple fried noodles. Nose can be made of jelly.

Football cake:

Football is regarded as the favorite game for most of the boys. Bringing a cake on this concept for a boy’s birthday will make him feel special. A dome shaped sponge covered with frosting. It can be placed on a field of grass made of colored coconut. Filling can be of chocolate and vanilla. 
Guitar cake:

Nothing can be best except a guitar cake for a boy’s birthday. Strings can be made up of white icing, fret board, the neck can be made up of chocolate coated wafers and the tuners can be made up of white marsh-mellows. It can be a perfect cake for a budding rock star.