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Saturday, 6 December 2014

How to Prepare Cake Pops for Baby Showers?

Cake pops are just the right sweet treats for baby showers. They have become a trend in the last few years. They are dense frosted confectionery items rolled into balls and decorated with sprinkles. Basically, served on sticks, plates or spoons, they are easily portable and easy to eat. And they have an awesome taste as well!
Cake pops are really delicious and work very well for the baby showers. For single size servings they are the best option. Rather than a large cake, the cake pops give the guests the opportunity to choose how much they can get.
Ingredients you will need

To make these cake pops, you will require frosting, candy melt, cake mix, lollipop sticks, vegetable shortening and sprinkles.
How to make the cake balls?
You will first have to bake cake mix as per the directions given in the box and allow the cake to cool. Take a big bowl and transfer the cool cake to it and break crumbs into it. Mix cake crumbs with frosting. This actually makes the dough for cake pops. Start by adding ½ containing frosting to crumbs. Make them into small size balls squeezing dough together and rolling them into ball shape. Use a scoop for making them uniform. If the ball falls apart, more frosting needs to be added. Arrange balls on the baking sheet. Store cake balls for the night it in your fridge.
Melt candy melts using microwave or a chocolate melter but enusre it isn’t very thick. If it is thick, add vegetable shortening for thinning the chocolate. The consistency must be drippy. For attaching the sticks, dip every stick into melted chocolate & insert 3/4th part into the ball. Allow it to set for sometime so that balls do not fall off at the time of dipping.
Then dip the balls in melted chocolate unless it gets covered completely. For drying, place those pops in a small sized cup. Don’t refrigerate now. Customize the pops for the baby shower theme. If it’s a Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme, make honey pots or bumblebees. You can even make pops in different shapes like alphabet blocks. The different options for toppings, colors and flavors are endless.
However, if you are looking to order a cake then a great place to get a variety of baby showers cakes in Brisbane is Creative Cakes. Whether it’s a cup cake, a big size cake, or any other variety of cake, you can get all with Deborah Feltham.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Candied-Hazelnut Cupcakes: The Perfect Recipe to Bring Smiles on Your Loved Ones Face

Planning to prepare a cupcake for your little one? Your child and husband would love having it! Made with hazelnuts and almonds and covered with dark chocolate frosting, these candied-hazelnut cupcakes are simply worth serving on their own. So, what are you waiting for? There is a lot of work to do. Roll up your sleeves and get busy with the preparation.
First arrange all the things you will need for making the candied hazelnut cupcakes.
  • Flour-3/4 cup
  • Hazelnuts toasted and skinned-1/2 cup
  • Toasted unblanched almonds-1/2 cup
  • Cake flour sifted-3/4 cup
  • Baking powder-11/2 tsp
  • Salt-1/4 tsp
  • Unsalted butter-1/2 cup
  • Granulated sugar-1/4 cup
  • Milk-3/4 cup
  • Dark brown sugar-1/2 cup
  • Egg whites of 4 eggs
  • Hazelnuts dipped in caramel
  • Dark chocolate frosting

After you arrange all these things follow the steps one by one:
Step 1
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line the standard muffin tins with the paper liners. Pulse the hazelnuts and almonds together in a food processor until ground finely. In a bowl, sift together both the flours (cake flours and all purpose flour), baking powder as well as salt. Beat up the ground nuts.
Step 2
Cream butter and both the sugar (brown sugar and granulated sugar) until smooth using an electric mixer. Whisk in vanilla. Add the mixture of flour in three batches alternating with two additions of milk and fluffing up well after each.
Step 3
In another bowl, beat in the egg whites using the electric mixer. Use medium speed for doing this and continue beating until the soft peaks form. In two additions, fold the whites of eggs gently into batter.
Step 4
Divide the batter evenly among the lined cups, filling up each three-quarters full. Then bake rotating the tins until the cake tester that’s inserted in the centers come out clean. This will however take about twenty-five minutes. When this is done, put the tins to the wire racks for cooling before removing the cupcakes. Store the cupcakes up to three days at a room temperature. When I make these cupcakes in Brisbane, I at least do this. If you want, you can even freeze up to two months in the airtight containers.
Step 5
Spread the frosting over each cupcake making use of an offset spatula. You can refrigerate these cupcakes up to three days in the airtight containers and then bring to the room temperature. But make sure to top up the cupcake with the hazelnuts dipped in caramel just before you serve.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Recipe of Dogwood Blossom Cake: One of the Most Preferred Wedding Cakes in Brisbane

A dogwood blossom cake is a white cake with blackberry filling. It is one of the most preferred wedding cakes in Brisbane. Brides and grooms are very much fond of this cake. It is a cake that would melt in your mouth. From the white satin frosting to the dogwood blossoms fondant, the cake is a graceful centerpiece for all who are planning for springtime receptions. So, if you are planning to get married this season, this one if for you.
You can either buy it from your nearby baker or order the cake online from Deborah Feltham if you live in Brisbane. There is also another way out. You can make it all by your own. Preparing it is not that much hectic as you think. Here is the recipe for you. Try making it out!
The things that you will need for making it include three tiered dogwood blossom cake, three white satin frosting, blackberry filling and dogwood blossoms fondant.
First you will need to make and bake the one tiered blossom cake recipe. Use the same method for doing the second fourteen inch layer and make and bake the remaining recipe by using directions given for ten inch and six inch cake layers. Then cut the domed top from each of the layers by using a knife. Make the blackberry filling. Prepare the first white satin frosting recipe and repeat the method twice. Cover up the fourteen inch, ten inch and six inch cardboard cake circle by using an aluminum foil.

Spread frosting on one side of the fourteen inch circle. Top it with fourteen inch cake layer and spread three cups of blackberry filling over the cake layer. Make sure to leave an inch border. Top it up with remaining fourteen inch cake layer. Then cut four wooden sticks to a height of fourteen-inch tier and insert it vertically into the cake tier. Spread the sides and top of the cake using frosting and smoothing with wet metal spatula. Chill it up to two days.
Put together and frost two (ten inch) layers on the cardboard circle using 2 ½ cups of blackberry filling. Also put together and frost (six inch) layers cardboard circle using 1 ½ cups of blackberry filling. Chill it up to two days. Then position the ten inch tier in the center of the fourteen inch tier. Also position the six inch tier in the center of the ten inch tier and place the cake on the stand.
Fit a huge decorating bag using tip #32. Fill the bag with the frosting. Pipe the shell border on the bottom edge and top of every tier. Also pipe icing on top of the cake to keep the fondant dogwood blossoms secured. Attach the blossoms that are still remaining to the cake with a bit of frosting.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

3 Must Haves for a Girl's Birthday Party

There are a few must-haves for a girl’s birthday party. Do you know what they are? If not, continue reading and you will get an idea about them.
The right birthday theme 
Birthday themes have become very popular these days. In fact, a lot of families in Brisbane nowadays arrange their girl’s birthday party keeping a theme in their minds. It has become a very common affair. But choosing the right theme for the birthday is essential. Many families choose to go for a fairy or a princess party theme. They make sure that the entire room is decorated in the way keeping in mind the theme. There are also many parents who choose to opt for the tea party theme or barnyard theme for their daughter’s birthday party. However, if you wan you can also ask your girl to choose the theme-she might have some better idea you never know. The right theme can make your little princess feel very special and loved. 

Birthday party costume
The dress that is to be worn by your girl must match with the theme. If it’s a princess theme, then she should be dresses like a princess wearing the right attire and accessories. Similarly, if it is a fairy theme, she should be dressed like a fairy. It would be even better if there would be some more girls dressed in the same way like your daughter. You can ask the parents of other girls who will be invited in the party to dress them in accordance to the theme. Having children dressed according to the birthday party theme creates the desired ambience and enlightens the atmosphere. 

Unique cake
A birthday party without a cake is incomplete. And especially, if it’s a girl’s birthday party, a cake is a must. You can ask your baker to make a unique birthday cake for your daughter that will go with the theme. But make sure that the one that you order will be liked by your daughter. You can consult with your baker about the fillings, toppings and fondants that are going to be used.

These are only the few essential things that are needed to make the girl’s birthday bash a huge success. While there are many more things that a parent can do for celebrating the occasion, the above-mentioned things will just ensure that the girl savors the occasion for quite long.

So, the next time, you arrange a birthday bash for your girl; make sure you at least have these things in the party. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Modern Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Wedding is a very special ceremony for brides and grooms. In fact, it is so special for brides and grooms that they try to do every little thing possible in a very special way to make the occasion a gala event and a unique one. Many in order to add some personal touch to the celebration also make sure to order the baker for a unique wedding cake topper along with the cake. Although many of you might consider this concept of adding the piece of small model on top of the cake a backdated affair, if done elegantly, they can add a lot more meaning and be real fun. In fact, what is it that is going to make the wedding cake look different and unique if it doesn’t have that wedding topper?

There is only the bride and groom dressed up in wedding attire in traditional wedding toppers but the modern day toppers are not the same. The modern day couples look for something more eclectic that is going to stand out from the crowd. They look for ones that can grab the attention of their guests. From humorous and fun cake toppers to elegant monograms, there are many kinds of cake accessories that are available nowadays. You can add any of them in style and put an eclectic flair and personal touch to your D-day.

Modern day couples usually look for cake toppers that reflect them as couple. Any characteristic feature or activity that they both have common or like doing are usually portrayed through the model. You can find many wedding cakes in Brisbane having toppers such as both bride and groom riding horses or both of them slaloming down the wedding cake on the miniature skis. There are even toppers where the bride is trying to clamber up onto the topmost tier being helped by groom who is on top already. One of the most common wedding cake toppers of modern times is groom sitting down on a knee at base of cake while bride looking down from top. If both of you love to joke around and want to lighten up the seriousness of wedding, go for wedding cake toppers which give a sense of comedy.

However, it is not always that the modern day brides and grooms look for cake toppers that feature only them. Flowers also make a wonderful topper. They can either be the fresh flowers for matching those in the bouquet or the iced ones falling down from cake’s side. Silk flowers can also be used as a topper.

Having antique jewellery, particularly the brooches as a cake topper is presently in vogue. Vintage cake topper which your grandparents or parents had on their cake is also a popular way of sticking with the tradition and honoring the family.

However, if you don’t think that the cake you ordered requires a topper for decor, there is no need for you to add one.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Creative Cakes By Deborah Feltham - Cakes Gallery

          Creative Cakes By Deborah Feltham - Cakes Gallery

Please have a look at the gallery to see some of the cakes that I have done. I am happy to design a cake especially for you, or if you want to send me a picture of a cake you have in mind I can give you a quote. Contact me to order online birthday and wedding cakes in Brisbane.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Baby Showers Have Gotten All Modern!

Some years back, baby showers were intended as a way of celebrating an imminent birth. It used to allow other women to share their wisdom and lessons on art of becoming a mom. Nowadays, baby showers have become somewhat different. The modern baby shower parties have become a co-ed affair. Moreover, the emphasis is more on the child’s mother rather than the little one who is going to see the world in a few days to come.

If you attend a baby shower party, you will find a never-ending assortment of shower-themed foods. In fact, the occasion always calls for great food along with a punch. I remember attending a few parties where I saw a ducky bath baby shower punch and baby carriages made with boiled eggs and baby carrots. They were so simple but very much adorable. There was also a bassinet made up of green vegetables and salads.  I have actually seen enough rubber ducky, baby carriage, rattle and baby-inspired foods.
Oh! How can I forget the baby showers cakes in Brisbane!! The one’s that were made keeper the design of diaper in mind. And when I saw the edible cake that had the design of the stomach of the pregnant woman having the little impression of baby foot, I really didn’t feel like wanting it to be cut or eating it. 

And the baby shower game? I really enjoy them especially the guessing games like guess the baby food, nursery rhyme lyrics and baby bag mystery. When I attended a baby shower party of my niece, I participated in the games and for some time I forgot that I was nearing my 40’s actually!! However, one game which has smeared chocolate in diapers is the only game that I didn’t like. That’s not my idea of fun. Keeping this apart, I enjoyed every bit of the party. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Best Cupcake Combinations Made In the Heaven

There is no hard and fast rule for decorating cupcakes. You can do it as much as you can do but just remember that it needs to satisfy your taste buds. In Australia every day numerous R&D have been going on in decorating cupcakes in Brisbane. Unique flavor combinations are emerging every day. Bakers are spending extra times in inventing new toppings for their customers. In spite of new flavors and their popularity there has been no lack of craze for traditional cupcake combinations that are all time favorite beyond generation boundary.

 Here are the best traditional cupcake combinations appraised all over the world.

Lemon cupcake with raspberry cream frosting:

Sweet and tart combinations are the best on palate. Lemon sponge cupcakes topped with red raspberry icing along with fresh raspberry slices makes the heavenly combination. It can be accompanied with raspberry lemonade.

Apple cupcake along with caramel butter frosting:

Apples with cakes bring one of the irresistible combinations of flavor. I would advise you to get some apple slices and mix them with cupcake mixture instead of using apple essence. Pour soft caramel butter icing on the top and dust with cinnamon powder.

Mocha cupcake with espresso butter cream:

Cupcake base made up of chocolate can go with almost every topping. If you are looking to improvise it, add good quality Jamaican coffee powder with a perfect blend of chocolate into cupcake dough. After baking them pipe freshly made butter cream with dust of freshly ground coffee on top of it.

Dark chocolate cupcake with mint frosting:

From the appearance this cupcake combination will excite your craving for it. Dark black chocolate base with green minty frosting will refresh your mouth and provoke you to ask for more.

Pineapple cupcake with brown sugar butter cream:

Again the combination of tart and sweet will cleanse your plate and ask you to go for more. Tantalize pineapple base with small cubes of the fruit garnished and light amber color brown sugar syrup and butter cream.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Must-Haves for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Birthdays come once a year and when it is for your kids, you need to make sure it becomes a memorable event for your child and other kids invited in the party. However, here are some of the birthday must haves that you should never forget when arranging a party for your kid.

Decorations with balloons, streamers and other things

It is very important to decorate the room of your home with balloons and streamers. Hang helium filled foiled balloons featuring the favorite character of the birthday star near the doorways, gift table, on the corners of the walls or on the ceiling. You can also use the windows for the dangling decorations and balloons. Don’t forget to hang streamers-they are an important part of birthday and can transform the look of a room to a unique one.

Custom invitations
If you want to make the birthday party more unique, you can opt for colorful invitation cards matching the theme of the party. Give it a personalized touch making the guests feel extra special. Write a message in your own words in the card for customized invitation and definitely include a thank you note in the end. 

Unique birthday cake
Order a cake keeping the theme of the birthday party in your mind.  If there is no theme that you have arranged for, you can at least opt for a unique birthday cake that matches with your kid’s hobby, preference, favorite cartoon character or anything else. Cupcakes are the recent trend these days If you want, you can also order one of this kind as well. 

A candy buffet
No matter what the age is, everyone has a sweet tooth. The hottest party trend these days is serving candy buffet. You can fill the bowl or clear the containers from candy buffet kit with the themed treats and budget friendly candies such as gumballs. 

Fun wearable accessories and costumes
If all the kids get an opportunity to dress up like one of the characters that matches the birthday theme, they feel more than happy and very excited. It becomes a party that is to be remembered for long.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Personalize Your Wedding Cake with Unique Cake Toppers

A wedding cake toper is basically a little model, which sits on top of the D-day cake. It usually represents the couple in formal wedding attire and is only the part of a cake that can be kept for a long time as memory apart from the photographs. It became popular in 1950s in the US. At that time it represented togetherness. Today, these figurines have become a part of decorative theme for a couple’s wedding style.

Different styles of toppers are available to match the theme and style of wedding these days. For instance, traditional toppers for formal wedding and comical wedding cake toppers for less formal ones are available. Toppers depending on the hobbies of couples can also be obtained. So, this is no more the age where you can only find the bride and groom in formal attire with bride in veil and a white and long gown.

Nowadays, wedding cake toppers have returned as one of the best ways to cap off a signature piece of a wedding reception. They have come a long way from days of plastic groom and bride. Some of them are ornate and some elegant. Some are even caricatures and some whimsical. There are also some, which play a great tune. However, they are optional but can be an awesome expression of a bridal style. It is after all a trendy method for putting personalized touch on the cake. In recent times, these toppers have become a sign of growing diversity in the marriages. Wedding toppers, which are multi-ethnic, are also available.

The figurine places on top of the cake must reflect your personality and set off the way in which rest of the cake is decorated. You have endless options to choose from, right from fondant monograms or gum-paste to decorations which mirror another element of wedding.

Look around and you may find many toppers, which can delight you. You can also consult with Deborah Feltham, who makes and supplies wedding cakes in Brisbane to know about the topper that will suit your wedding style or theme the best.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Happening Cake Ideas for Boys

Cakes are the options for many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and many more. Kids living in Brisbane love cakes more than anyone do in this world. People of all age groups too love to have cakes of special kinds on their birthday. Here you can find some unique concepts of cakes that can be used for a boy's birthday cake in Brisbane.

Pinata cake:

This cake looks very normal from outside. This is a sponge cake made hollow in the center. Various chocolate goodie and candies are filled inside. Exterior of the cake is layered with icing. When cut, the goodies will come out.

Ham burger cake:

Which boy does not like a juicy ham burger? This option is apt for boys. It is a 3 layer of cake, chocolate sponge from inside. You can put green, yellow and red filing icing to give the finish.

Pizza cake:

It can be nice concept of making a good birth cake. A lot of kids and boys are in favor of this Italian food. Base is made of sponge cake with red color icing, cheese to bring the perfect good look.

Lion cake:

Boys like this animal. It is a symbol of prowess. Bringing a cake on this concept will be highly appreciated by boys. Mane of the lion can be done by simple fried noodles. Nose can be made of jelly.

Football cake:

Football is regarded as the favorite game for most of the boys. Bringing a cake on this concept for a boy’s birthday will make him feel special. A dome shaped sponge covered with frosting. It can be placed on a field of grass made of colored coconut. Filling can be of chocolate and vanilla. 
Guitar cake:

Nothing can be best except a guitar cake for a boy’s birthday. Strings can be made up of white icing, fret board, the neck can be made up of chocolate coated wafers and the tuners can be made up of white marsh-mellows. It can be a perfect cake for a budding rock star.